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Long Creek Timber Framers


Timber-framed structures have survived hundreds of years. Long Creek Timber Framers' careful workmanship of the mortised joints, the sturdy mass of the timber structure, and the wood peg fastening of the framing, all speak of solidity, stability, and permanence. The ongoing reassurance of that strength is plain to see and feel, the first moment you enter a home made with post and beam construction.


A timber frame provides a powerful sense of enduring shelter for generations. The Long Creek Timber Frame is not hidden, it is an ongoing presence. It not only frames, structurally, but frames space, like a three-dimensional picture frame. Your timber frame can frame the view from a window, frame the content of a room, or frame a transition such as an entrance or a passage from space to space. The massive timbers surround you with the solace of strong shelter, the intimate warmth of real wood, and the obvious quality of the hand-hewn craftsmanship.


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